WHOA! Look What Happened IMMEDIATELY After Trump Got Off His Private Jet


One of the most spectacular events when it comes to our Army and Navy is the annual football game between the two major parts of the US military forces. This is an important event for all American soldiers, sailors, pilots, officers etc. Events like this one are very important for building healthy national spirit. Donald Trump took away just to be a special guest on this game.

The United States of America is build on that spirit. Our nation struggled for years with the liberals and their leader Obama. The result was devastating conditions for our military forces and veterans. Look how Trump started to improve the relations between the White House and the military. He was welcomed by the soldiers in a wonderful way:

IJ Review reported that both Army and Navy supporters celebrated Trump’s appearance at the game by mocking liberals in hilarious ways. Those who were lampooned included the Black Lives Matter movement, Trump’s ‘grab ’em by the p***y’ comment, “safe spaces” and a lot of jokes about goat rape.

Some arrived wearing sweatshirts honoring our next “Secretary of Offense” Mad Dog Mattis.

Trump was also greeted by a flame-shooting firetruck that had American flags all over it when he arrived at the stadium.


So beautiful pictures! This makes us proud! Donald Trump proved once again what does it mean to be a real patriot! Liberals, watch this and learn what does it mean to love your country. We can make America great again together with our Army and Navy!

H/T The Truth Monitor