WHOA! Piers Morgan Ultimately Destroys Hillary’s ‘Whiny’ Book


Piers Morgan brought some really bad news for Hillary Clinton. The most popular British journalist which is responsible for covering the US political scene and the news coming from our country destroyed Hillary Clinton over her pathetic new book ‘What Happened’. In the report below you will see how Piers Morgan commented on her book, what he thinks about the stuff written and the behavior of the heavily defeated candidate in the 2016 election.

Piers Morgan says Hillary’s new book, “What Happened” is an absurdly self-indulgent tome.

From Daily Mail U.K.:

‘What happened’ is the title of Hillary Clinton’s new 464-page book.The answer, it transpires, is the most whiny, self-pitying, deluded load of literary claptrap written since Kim Kardashian’s ‘I was empowering women’ defense for posting naked bird-flipping selfies.

By the time I’d finished wading through Hillary’s absurdly self-indulgent tome, I felt like I’d been lowered into a large vat of violently indignant, furiously self-justifying, boiling mad spittle.

This is the tormented, tragic work of a spurned woman who never thought she could possibly lose to Donald Trump, a man she considered her inferior opponent in every possible way imaginable from intellect and political experience to credibility and popularity.

And again, we’re getting back there. The underestimating of this nation’s people is a common thing for all leftists. They feel superior and they act pompous. Democrats want to make you feel like they’re ‘one’ with the people, but in fact, they represent the ELITE.
Elitism is a sick thing, something that made most of Americans hate both the Democrat and the Republican party in the last couple of years.
This book ( What Happened) is nothing but another representation of ‘fake power’ by Hillary Clinton. She needs to boost her ego… We can just ignore her and let her disappear in the past.