WHOA! SHAMELESS- Sean Spicer Embarrassed The Corrupted Liberal Media

JUST TAKE A LOOK AT THIS! YOU WILL LOVE THIS GUY! Sean Spencer is a TOUGH  guy, and he proved that today as he SLAMMED the insulting and ‘Obama-loving’ press.

We’ve said so many times that the big media corporations need STANDARDS. They don’t have them- so this is what happens:

Sean Spicer is proving to be a master at crushing biased reporters. He gave the perfect response to reporters trying over and over again to link President Trump with Russia.


“As we’ve said before, when you talk about Russia in particular, everyone who has been briefed on this subject, from Republican to Democrat to CIA, former Obama administration’s Clapper, Brennan, you name it, all of those people come back with the same conclusion and I think that’s important that there’s been no evidence of the president’s campaign and Russian officials,” said Spicer.

“It was Hillary Clinton who was the architect of the last administration’s failed ‘Reset’ policy. She told Russian state TV it was designed to strengthen Russia. That was their goal, to strengthen Russia.” explained Spicer.


“She used her office to make concession after concession, selling off one-fifth of our country’s uranium, paid speeches, paid deals, getting personal calls from Vladimir Putin. If you really want to talk about a Russian connection and the substance, that’s where we should be looking, that, not there,” he said. Very true!

Spicer also crushed a reporter who was defending Evelyn Farkas who seemed to admit that Obama wiretapped President Trump. “At some point she went on television and talked about actions that she and her colleagues took to spread classified information. Instead of defending her, it might be worth asking her what she’s talking about, who she spread it to, why she did it, was it appropriate, who cleared her to do it,” responded Spicer.

H/T Conservative101

Sean Spicer always lectures the liberal leftists and their loudmouths- the so-called ‘mainstream media journalists’. The rotten media is nothing but a cheap show, a perverse play directed by the liberal elitist. SHARE THIS POST IF YOU SUPPORT SEAN SPICER!

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