WHOA! Sheriff Clarke Just Said 3 Words On Stage That Made Crowd GOING INSANE [VIDEO]


Milwaukee county Sheriff Clarke had a strong and powerful patriotic speech and you have to hear it and see it! You have to feel the energy and you have to be proud to be American. In these hard days the big patriot from Milwaukee spread the world of truth to the hearts of the patriots and the real Americans- We chose a LEADER!

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke made it clear at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Saturday that although many things have changed in the course of America’s history, one of the core policies of President Donald Trump has been part of this nation as long as it has been one.

“President George Washington himself observed upon the occasion of his first inaugural, ‘There is a rank due to the United States among nations that will be withheld, if not absolutely lost, by the reputation of weakness,’” Clarke said.


“Allow me to translate that from the language of 1789 to 2017,” Clarke said. “It means, ‘Put America first.’”

Clarke’s comments came one day after Trump told the conference, “Global cooperation, dealing with other countries, getting along with other countries is good, it’s very important. But there is no such thing as a global anthem, a global currency or a global flag. This is the United States of America that I’m representing. I’m not representing the globe, I’m representing your country.”

“There’s one allegiance that unites us all, and that is to America. America, it’s the allegiance to America. No matter our background or income, or geography, we’re all citizens of this blessed land. And no matter our color or the blood — the color of the blood we bleed, it’s the same red blood of great, great patriots. Remember, great patriots, we all salute with pride, the same American flag, and we all are equal — totally equal in the eyes of almighty God, we’re equal,” Trump said Friday.

Clarke said Saturday that Trump’s ascendancy has increased “pride in our nation,” as he called Trump “a voice for that pride I have found lacking in the past eight years.”

“In President Donald Trump, we have chosen a leader,” he said.

“We were constantly told by former President Barack Obama that America needed to humble itself. He told us humility is a virtue. False humility is an affront to the sense,” Clarke said.

Pride in the greatness and might of our nation has never been a sin,” he added.

Clarke also talked about the need for immigration reform.

“We have border states that have … disproportionately borne the brunt of our failure to act over the past decade,” Clark said. “Is there a state in this union where the impact of that failure is not felt by the American people?”

He noted that recent actions to enforce existing immigration laws are considered “controversial” yet he affirmed “no group was put at risk without due process.”

In seeking to move forward, Clarke said there is one eternal truth that must guide America.

“We must have the courage to do what is morally right,” he said.

H/T Western Journalism

This was wonderful speech! Dear patriots- you have to be strong and hold on together with the President- with the person you vouched for on the election. Now is the time to save our country- or become slaves of the liberal elitists. The comparison between Trump and Washington is real- both of them wanted to bring the country back to the people- both of them fought the elitists- Washington against the British Royalty and oppressors- Trump against the liberal leftists.