WHOA! Tomi Lahren LETS LOOSE On Phony Anti-Trump ‘Protests’ – It’s Already Viral


On Tuesday night, after Donald Trump was being elected as the new President of the United States, many Democrats went out on the streets, protesting against him. The thing is that “protests”, yes, are illustrating something, but not what the protesters intend.

The American television and online video host and the conservative political commentator, Tomi Lahren, called on the liberals who are protesting to calm down and the conservatives for the sake of America.

VIA AngryPatriotMovement 

Indeed, there has been a lot of anger and downright hostility in regards to the conclusion of this race. Hillary Clinton did her best to win this election, but she was not successful. The results point to some intriguing ideas:

First of all, Hillary Clinton doesn’t have many supporters, but the ones she does have are extremely rabid. They blindly follow her to the ends of the earth, and they have also conveniently ignored all of the scandals in her wake.

Of course, they received an ugly newsflash in the early morning hours of November 9th. You see, they might have ignored her scandals, but enough of the voting public were concerned about it that Donald Trump was able to win the election.

Needless to say, Clinton supporters are extremely uninformed. Because of that, Clinton had a cult-like effect on these individuals. They give Clinton the complete benefit of the doubt, but they will believe literally anything about Donald Trump even with the thinnest of evidence.

I get it. Trump might be extremely blunt in this politically correct culture and sometimes that offends people, but most Trump supporters are not racists by any stretch of the imagination. Liberals would love to paint them that way, but they are missing one key fact about Trump voters:

They are concerned about our country. They realize the extreme mistakes of liberalism and globalism have taken their toll, especially surrounding our border with Mexico. When Donald Trump made his statement about the border, he did not make a racist statement. He made a true one. Ask any border guard, and he or she will tell you just how many problems we face there. These protesters believe Trump is an evil, racist man, but he is far from it.

He just wants to make our country great again, so I have one suggestion for those protesting the results of our fair election. You want to improve our country? You’re mad because your candidate didn’t get in? Do something responsible about it. Volunteer for the service. Get into politics yourself. Change your world for the better instead of making disgusting displays that make you seem like a spoiled brat.

Here’s another fact these protesters won’t acknowledge. Donald Trump is just an individual who saw a need in his country and responded to it. He did it the honorable way, instead of protesting and causing crime and violence. That is why he is the president-elect, and that is why Tomi Lahren and many others are proud of him. We are definitely not proud of these ridiculous, criminal protesters.

What do you think about Tomi Lahren’s statement about the protests?