WHOA! The US Military Takes A HISTORIC Stand Against Obama – America STUNNED


The real HEROES of America are our brave and honorable soldiers, sailors, pilots, marines. If you are a real American you could not stop the heartbeat and the waves of pride and honor after you see our glorious troops marching under the national anthem. That is the real patriotism, that is the real love for your motherland. But, our military seems forgotten by the state in the past decade. The mainstream media brainwashing factories NEVER mentioned that during Obama’s rule, Pentagon lost more than 10 billion dollars. The annual expenses for military projects and the ongoing everyday expenses are not included in this shameful waste. What did the average american soldier or veteran get? Nothing, only worse life conditions and a HUGE insult by the government. Insult, because those rude politicians put themselves in the comfortable seats in the White House, leaving the men and women who fought, fight and are ready to die for America, on the street.

That is so sick! For an example, during the rule of George W. Bush everything was different. He had a passionate and respectable relation with the military and strong bond with the generals and other officers. Donald Trump is following the steps of Bush. That’s why he has the support of the military now. There is a huge difference between the treatment of the military by the democrats and republicans- you can check it out in the video below:

Some will remember the warm and enthusiastic reception George W. Bush received whenever he met with the men and women who serve in the U.S. military.

While people of goodwill can debate issues such as “unnecessary” wars, and decry the shameful treatment of America’s veterans, these heroes always seemed to return Bush’s warm feelings towards them.

However, there is more evidence of the negative feelings our troops have for the outgoing commander in chief:

President Barack Obama will leave office on Jan. 20 with negative reviews from most members of the U.S. military.

More than half the troops in a new poll had an unfavorable opinion of Obama’s leadership of the military for the past eight years, and about 36 percent said they approved of his performance as commander in chief, according to the latest survey by the Military Times and the Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University.

Nearly 49 percent of service members who voted in the November election cast their ballots for Republican Donald Trump, who was very critical of Obama, while 29 percent voted for Democrat Hillary Clinton, who was Obama’s secretary of state.

As The Political Insider weighs in:

Why do they feel this way? The survey helps to shed some light on that as well, with a vast majority saying President Obama has left their ranks understaffed, made them less safe by withdrawing troops from Iraq, and made them less safe with his decisions in Afghanistan.

No wonder there were so many empty seats for the President’s farewell speech. The disdain for his leadership was so palpable that a U.S. Army Honor Guard member tried to escape his hollow speech by passing out.

Obviously, the opinions of those in the U.S. armed services are not uniform (pun not intended.) They are Republicans, Democrats and independents.

H/T Patriot Journal

However, this thing is a serious speculation and maybe the things are going to settle donw after January 20th. Everybody is looking forward to the Inauguration becase everybody knows that everything is going to change rapidly, so every normal person should avoid complicating the delicate political and social situation in our country. Except, the liberal hordes, but as I wrote ,, normal” person, the leftist haters will remain history.