Whole Foods Is In Trouble After Refusing To Back Down From Muslims


According to recent reports, a Muslim man named Robert Greene has just filed a new federal lawsuit against the Glen Mills Whole Foods, claiming that he faced discrimination at the hands of his employer.

Greene is required to pray five times each day, a practice that he claims overlaps with his work schedule. He claims that this was never a problem when he was working in prepared foods, but when he was transferred to the meat department, he received complaints from management. Greene also claims that he was subjected to “discriminatory and derogatory comments.”

According to Greene, management once told him, “This is not a mosque.”

The lawsuit states the Greene attempted to complain to upper management, but nothing was done. In fact, he claims that the treatment continued and led to his eventual termination.

Now, Greene is attempting to collect back pay and punitive damages, claiming that his civil rights were violated.

What do you think of the lawsuit? Should Greene be allowed to take additional breaks from work to pray or were his managers justified in their frustration?