Whoopi Gets AWFUL NEWS After Using Super Bowl To Trash President Trump – PACK YOUR BAGS AND LEAVE

Whoopi Goldberg is howling 24/7 against Donald Trump and everything that is different from the closed and radical liberal politic option. However, in the series of Whoopi’s destructions we have something very interesting for you. Of course, the View was used once again as a tool to strike on Trump, also the Superbowl. Anyways, Whoopi got what she deserved because her ,,gun” backfired.

During the Super Bowl yesterday, millions of liberals were disappointed when Lady Gaga refused to bash Donald Trump during her halftime show. Instead, she decided to make her performance about unity and patriotism, two concepts that liberals seem to not understand anymore.

During Monday morning’s episode of The View Whoopi Goldberg desperately tried to politicize Lady Gaga’s performance and use it to attack Trump. Unfortunately for Whoopi, however, she failed miserably.

“I was a little underwhelmed by it,” host Sunny Hostin began, according to The Daily Caller. “Maybe because I thought there would be this big political statement, and I didn’t get that. I expected it.”

“Well, when she’s singing ‘Born This Way,’ that’s directly at Mike Pence,” Behar interjected in a statement that is truly a stretch.

That’s when Whoopi decided to open her big mouth.

“If you listen to her music, you know, you listen to what she sang. yeah, she’s always been political,” Whoopi added. “People don’t have to be political. They can just be, and she is political just by all the stuff she’s done with the LGBTQ community, with what she’s done for women.”

“Not everybody does everything the same way, and it’s important to remember that,” she added.

Clearly, Whoopi couldn’t take the thought that Lady Gaga might just want to keep politics out of a football game. Many users took to Twitter to let Whoopi know just how ignorant she is:




H/T Truth Monitor

WOW! Whoopi Goldberg is put in place once again. As the time passes i feel pity for this old frustrated woman. We can change the things people, but we have to heal ourselves from the liberal toxin and go ahead in a bright, positive and prosperous future.