Whoopi Goldberg Runs Her BIG Mouth At Mike Huckabee – IMMEDIATELY Gets Shut Down


Another episode of the humiliation of the harpies from The View. This show is shown for brainwashed liberals who are nothing but consumers. They are like robots, they only process what’s given to them and they don’t even care to think about what’s wrong or right, or distinguish lie and manipulation from truth and fact.

Whoopi Goldberg attacked Mike Huckabee without having respect for this person who could teach her a lot about politics. The liberal loudmouth learned her lesson:

There’s nothing Whoopi Goldberg loves more than bashing President Donald Trump every day on her liberal talk show “The View.” This week, however, Whoopi’s anti-Trump attitude came back to bite her when former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee appeared on the show with his daughter, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.


The Daily Caller reported that Whoopi tried to cry sexism after Huckabee called the ladies “irrational.”

“Their hatred of Donald Trump is so irrational,” he previously told Fox News in what “The View” hosts dubbed “a rant.”


“We did rather well, yesterday,” Whoopi bragged on Thursday’s show. “We had a really discussion. We had a really good time.”

Huckabee, however, wasn’t having any of it.


“I didn’t go on there thinking they were going to give me warm hugs and kisses,” he said in the Fox Business clip, describing their spirit as, “full of anger, irrational hatred toward the President.”

“We really worked hard to do a fair interview and I resent that you would do that,” Whoopi said to a round of rowdy applause. “You would never say that to Stephen Colbert. You would never say that about Noah, uh, uh, Trevor Noah. So why are we irrational? We were not irrational. We asked you questions and told you how we felt and allowed you to do the same.”


Joy Behar then chimed in to claim that she does not hate Trump.

“I just don’t like what she’s doing,” she said.

“Stop calling people names!” Whoopi exclaimed, speaking directly to Huckabee. “We didn’t do that to you.”

Whoopi went on to say that the only thing she is irrational about is pizza, a statement which truly makes no sense.

“I’m just saying, man, don’t do that,” she continued. “…We respected your daughter and I’m kind of pissed off about this, Mike.”


Twitter users were quick to shut Whoopi down:




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What do you think of this? She really said she’s leaving the country if Trump wins the election. He won the election, now WHAT?! That’s the casual liberal behaviour- lies, lies, and lies only! They underestimate the nation, and they pay the price.

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