WikiLeaks Just Destroyed Hillary Clinton in a Huge Way – Racism Surprise!


Now that the 17th batch of John Podesta’s emails have been released, there are countless more messages to scan through.

This new one is about racism and affirmative action.

These quota systems are reverse-bigotry and have no place in society. But Democrats support them – Mostly because they stop minorities from succeeding and keep them dependent on the government. Here, we have caught Podesta and his team discussing hiring Muslims and Asians for high level cabinet positions, along with other jobs.

This is what Team Hillary REALLY thinks about minorities. WOW!

hillary racist email



Democrats have spent years calling Republicans “racist.” But who are the REAL racists? Now we know!

Racial issues for Democrats are about putting people into groups and turning out votes on election day.

This is a breaking news story. We will update this report as more details become available.