Will Comey Testify On Trump’s Case?

James Comey is a dirty player. He did awful things, obviously, if he’s hiding all the time and ‘dodging’ to appear in front of everyone and expose the details of a couple of big mystery cases in which he is involved. But, let’s see what is he going to do now. Is he going to testify wrong again? Someone has to pull the truth out of this guy.

Former FBI Director James Comey will not testify Thursday that President Donald Trump interfered in the investigation of former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn, ABCNews reports.



Comey will, however, dispute Trump’s assertion that he told the president he was not under investigation three separate times. Trump suggested Comey had given him these assurances in his letter dismissing the former FBI director.

“He is not going to Congress to make accusations about the President’s intent, instead he’s there to share his concerns,” a source familiar with Comey’s thinking told ABC.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller reportedly cleared Comey to testify in the open hearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee. The hearing will likely focus on the circumstances of Comey’s firing, the investigation into any Russian efforts to meddle in the 2016 election, and if any White House effort was made to obstruct the FBI inquiry into Flynn.

H/T The DC

As you can see at the end of the report, we can expect again obstructions from Comey’s side. The liberals will most certainly focus on WHY WAS HE FIRED, and they will blame the White House, but we need some real answers, and we need them fast. We will see how strong and impartial the Senate Intelligence Committee is. Don’t you agree?