HERE IT IS! The Winner of the First Debate Was Just Announced, And the Winner Is…


Everyone get ready. After an incredibly intense First Presidential Debate last night, the polls are coming in left and right.

Now that we have the results of so many online publications, we can officially announce that the WINNER of last night’s debate was…


YES! Despite what the mainstream media is saying about Hillary Clinton winning, online polls from all around the nation are filling up, and boy do they tell a different story. (H/T – Daily Mail)

Here, just take a look at the CNBC poll, which is always liberal-leaning…


Or How About the Equally Liberal Variety poll?


Or Maybe you prefer TIME Magazine…


Of course, when you look at the Conservative Polls, the debate was not even remotely Close.

Hell, just take a look at Breitbart and Las Vegas Times:

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See? So basically no matter how you spin this one, America has decided that Donald Trump was the winner of this debate by far.

And sure, I know some of you would have liked to see him go harder on Hillary, but remember that this is just the beginning. If he can beat her while dealing with Lester Holtand all the other bias against him, he will CRUSH her in the next 2 debates.

If you love Trump and are glad to hear that he won, then do him a big favor and share this out on your Facebook page. America needs to know that it’s voice has been heard!

H/T LibertyWritersNews