Young Trump Supporters Issued WARNING Video To All VIOLENT RIOTERS – It Went VIRAL OVERNIGHT

The following post is special. The LIBERAL HORDES continue to crush the American spirit, but it seems it’s unbreakable. We can not let the evil spirits who are constantly demonizing and sabotaging every single American to let go. I said that his post is special because below you can see the young folks of America who are SICK and TIRED from the leftist’s oppression. Watch the viral video and decide for yourself!

The huge Democrat loss in this election was a long time coming. Really, the Liberals drove people away from their side, and this man is about to tell them how.

“You lost because you told the poor white working families in rural Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan that despite losing their jobs…they were the privileged ones, because of their skin color” said the man. “If you don’t change you are going to lose.”

This man is telling the liberals to check their privilege, because it’s not the people of the right who usually live the plush life. It’s the liberals, who sit up in their fancy schools, and think they know what suffering feels like.

“Struggle doesn’t discriminate,” the man said. He’s right. All working class Americans, regardless of skin color, or gender, or religion, all struggled these past eight years.

We were laid off, we wondered where our next meal was coming from, we wondered if our bronze Obamacare deal would even cover a simple trip to the doctors.

Liberals try to hide the fact many of them are just as rich as Trump, or richer. They use his wealth as a way to saying he cannot be a good president, yet they wanted someone like Hillary in place as president.. a woman who gets $500,000 speaking fees!


Of course these Liberals don’t want anything from Obama’s administration to change, because they’re the ones who were benefiting from it! They realize that under Trump, they might actually have to work hard. And, they realize that calling someone racist doesn’t work anymore.

So, they are rioting in the streets, trying to shut down speech with violence. In their mind, if you speak against them, then that’s asking to be pepper sprayed, beat with a shovel, or lit on fire.

The only thing that matters to these people is some twisted sense of who is the most “privileged” and it can never be them. They call anyone who is white, who voted for Donald Trump, a racist or a supremacist, and anyone who wasn’t white a race traitor or an Uncle Tom or Uncle Jack.

The left doesn’t realize that those who are against them are people of all races, all backgrounds, who just can’t stand for the left’s violence and identity politics anymore. It’s not the right who are hateful and bigoted, and they are making that very clear.

We need to stand up against the liberals, we have shown that we beat them in the election and we can beat them once again. We’re the ones who have to preach love, and acceptance, the liberals have more than shown through their actions that they want nothing to do with acceptance.

H/T Angry Patriot Movement

The USA need different values than the ones Liberals are preaching. These people used their ,,made up” conflicts like racism, gay rights, abortion etc. only to create diversity and separation. Good job for the young people who think outside the box and know what does it mean to be a patriot!